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**This site is still under construction. Please bear with us. Thanks!**

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Welcome to ye_olde_icons!

Lauren, Cora, and myself, Ashleigh, have started this community out of our excessive love for icons. We are thespianash_101, bandcutie9128, and slantedsunlight. Feel free to check us out.

Lauren specializes in bases because her computer lacks Animation Shop, however, she does have Photoshop! Cora also has Photoshop and specializes in animations and bases. I also am quite the animation and base wench. (Mostly animations.) I have Animation Shop and Paint Shop Pro, but I am new to this icon making. I still think I have the basics down, though.

(As of today, April 4th, 2005, we all have Photoshop.)

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1. Requests.
(You may make a request. One request per person per week. We can be overloaded. And please make it something that's fairly easy. Remember: we're still beginners.)

2. Ideas!
(Yes, this is different. A request is asking for something in particular. An idea is just a suggestion. You may make suggestions!)

3. This is a no drama community.
(That means you don't make any rude comments; if you have negative feedback please keep it to yourself; and this is especially our pet peeve...icon stealing! Big pet peeve. If we can't do something for you, sorry, it's just the way our cookie crumbles.)

4. No icon stealing!!!
(We put time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears (sometimes the blood and tears, sweat because it's hot sometimes) into our icons. And, besides, it would be very mean to steal icons from another person anyway.)

5. Please do not alter any of our icons.
(This doesn't mean you can't do anything with our bases. Heavens no! But please don't alter our animation icons.)

6. Comment.
(This means telling us which icons you're taking. What number(s) specifically. This is a must! Also, it allows us to know what kind of icons you like or dislike.)

7. Credit.
(This means you credit us in some way: in the keyword box or comment section for your user pictures. This is not always required unless we say we put a lot of time into them. But if posting your icon on a community with one of our bases, please state that we have made that base.)

8. Cookie!
(This means that we will give you a giant cookie if you make our tummy have warm fuzzies for being good members. Sometimes we'll post extra special icons. NOTE: Cookies cannot possibly be fused through a computer monitor nor any other type of computer component, that being a CPU, speakers, microphone, webcam, etc. Our friend Denver can tell you that. He's a genius.)

9. Archives/Memories
(Every once in a while we will add to our memories/archives. These posts will include icons under subjects: cats, dogs, funny things, music, etc.)

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Our Moderators


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If you would like to link back to us, feel free to upload this button to your own server and put it on your own info page.

(Use this tag: <*a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/ye_olde_icons/"*><*img src=URL FOR PICTURE GOES HERE!*><*/a*> Make sure to leave out the stars.)

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Banned List
(This is for people who don't follow the rules, as in repeat offenders. They either post our icons on other sites or continuously don't folow our simple wishes.)
None yet.

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